Thursday, March 22, 2007

Last night of the term

Tonight was the end of winter term. I've been through this dozens of times over the years but for some reason I had a lot of students who were hard to let go this time. Most of my students come into the class at least somewhat literate and with enough educational background to learn the material in 11 weeks and then they move on to the next level. Those that need to repeat are the ones I get to know. I was able to pass a number of repeating students this time around, including one boy who had come into my class barely literate and is now moving on after three terms with me. He's a sweet boy and I'll miss him, but the smile on his face when I gave him his final exam results was radiant and I won't soon forget that. All three of my east African girls are moving on as well. My classroom will be a less vibrant place without their musical voices and fluttering veils. As a parting gift, Yasmin offered to decorate my hands again which I find so exotic and beautiful.

In the coming days I need to get my house Passover ready and plan and prepare a seder. Not really a vacation by any means as I will be crazy busy but hopefully I'll find a few minutes for recharging.


karrie said...

The henna is really pretty!

RedMolly said...

The tough part about teaching: you so often don't get to be there to watch the knowledge you helped plant as it blossoms into understanding. Your students are lucky to have such a dedicated teacher as you!

And yeah, the henna is absolutely lovely.

Alto2 said...

I found you over on Stunt Mother's blog. I love the henna on your hands. It looks so exotic. I wonder if there is some meaning to the designs.