Friday, August 22, 2008

from 5 to 6

Such a big jump, isn't it? From 4 to 5 seemed big, but not nearly as big. Five is a big little girl but 6 is a little big girl and that's a whole different thing in my opinion. I went through a year's worth of photos and enjoyed seeing the changes. A big girl, indeed.

Such a big girl that she understands we need to re-schedule celebrations because of a bar mitzvah and a friend's birthday party on her actual day. A day early there was art-making with a small group of friends, and a day after we head to the beach to celebrate with family.

And....opening just in time for this milestone we have a collage installation in our dining nook. She carefully looked through all her collages and chose a few to display, including a number of 3-D pieces which are hanging from the ceiling. It looks remarkably festive. If anyone wants to check out the art of a just turned 6 year old, do stop by.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos; and what lovely, colorful collages! I need some artwork along those lines to cheer up our decor a bit. Right now we're decorated in Early 20th-Century Fighter Plane with the occasional eclectic touch of Giant Be-Eyepatched Soldier Cat.

A very happy belated birthday to your little one.