Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Camera

My little girl has decided that she's going to follow in my footsteps, I guess. Her grandmother gave her a simple digital camera as an early birthday gift and she has been having a great time. I think she has a pretty good eye, actually. She took pictures of everything today.

She even asked me to get her photos on the web so she now has her own Flickr page. Just you wait, she'll be blogging one day soon....

In other photo news, we saw this on the highway today:

The truck that was pulling this giant lion-thing had the name of a plumbing company on its side. I do not see the connection. Very odd.


Tammy said...

She's got some great photos there!!

Hmm, could the lion be left over from the Rose Parade? It kind of looks like Simba from Lion King.

Ali said...

Parade float is my guess, too, especially if the truck was George Morley plumbing. They contribute a gorgeous float every year.