Monday, July 21, 2008

Proof of my Insanity

As promised, a kvetch free post. No griping about kids. Instead I bring you My Summer Project, aka Proof of My Insanity.

I am making this skirt, as shown in The Alabama Stitch Book which is full of gorgeous projects that probably shouldn't be attempted by a mother of 3 kids. But I couldn't resist. I dipped my toes in the water last month when making MonkeyBoy his one-of-a-kind bar mitzvah T-shirt. That was a quick but very enjoyable project using a pre-existing garment.

This skirt, on the other hand, is being made from scratch. I dyed the fabric myself, screwed up royally when cutting the pattern pieces, and then dyed a whole new batch of fabric which came out the wrong color. After the third and final dye session I ended up a with about 2 1/2 yards each of a deep red and a sunny gold. This time everything was cut properly.

The next step: stenciling the fabric. For this I dragged The Spouse in to cut a stencil from acetate. I mixed fabric paints to make a dark purple and proceeded to stencil the first of five panels.

Once the fabric paint was heat-set I layered red over gold and began stitching which is what I will be doing for quite some time.

Once the stitching is completed I get to do the really fun part: cutting the top layer away to reveal the sunny gold underneath. I am painfully aware that one mistake and I could cut through the bottom layer, ruining everything. I am being very careful.

Eventually, maybe in November at the rate I'm going, I'll have all 5 panels completed and stitched together, bound at the top with fold over elastic to make what I hope is a truly gorgeous garment.
Either that or I'll be firmly ensconced in the crafty loony bin.

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Anonymous said...

That is exquisitely gorgeous.

And happy birthday to the Dark Lord!