Sunday, July 27, 2008

a birthday

Amazingly, I am now the mother of a 15 year old. I guess it isn't all that amazing since he was born...15 years ago, but it still shocks me. The Dark Lord celebrated by inviting a few of his new friends over for chili and cake. The kids were charming and I feel better than ever about this new crew of his.

I spent some time pondering an appropriate gift for my boy. He's too big for "stuff" and I'm not in a position to buy him what he wants most of all: a new computer. Instead I offered a gift of time. When questioned about how he might like to spend a day, he suggested visiting the Chinese Garden, a place I haven't visited in ages. My first visit there was shortly after my brother's death so it's a place associated with sadness in my personal landscape and nowhere I'd choose to visit on my own.

There was no reason to burden my son with all of that so off we went, stopping for fortification beforehand at the entirely too crowded and wildly overwhelming farmers market downtown. A mocha and chocolate panini is an acceptable breakfast, right? The Dark Lord certainly thought so!

The Chinese Garden was lovely though a bit overpopulated for my taste. The Dark Lord had a great time taking photos and examining details. And I have a new association with a lovely space.

I'm pretty lucky, aren't I? I'm not sure how many teens would be as happy as he was to spend a day alone with Mom.

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Mimi said...

Happy Birthday to the Dark Lord.