Thursday, July 23, 2009


Sixteen years ago today, Simon came into the world and I became a mother. It sounds so simple, doesn't it? But what a day--what a wild ride. I learned so much during my 24 hour labor: that birth plans mean nothing in a hospital (the nurses laughed at mine), that doctors mean nothing in a hospital (mine wasn't to be called until the nurses decided I was ready, which meant that my doctor very nearly missed the birth), that nothing really prepares you for labor (apart from pushing out a baby), that I was so much stronger than I ever imagined, and that time stops when a new baby arrives.

I'm still learning, every day, what it is to be a mother to this boy who's so nearly a man. His siblings will surely benefit from my trials and errors as I try to figure out how best to support him on his journey. I love the person he's always been and the one he's become: bright, observant, witty, and creative.

He's a typical teen full of sass and attitude, but every now and again he breaks out in unstoppable laughter and it's a sound that makes everyone smile. My wish for him is that he has countless opportunities for that delighted laugh to ring out.


nancych said...

Can't believe Simon is 16! Time passes and we never think of the young ones growing up! Congratulations!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

He's also very cute. Have you been chasing the young ladies away?

Wow! I still see my 15 year old as a boy--though he clearly is getting more manly features.

Enjoy, as the mother of a bride-to-be, I am amazed at where the years are going!

ElizO said...

Very sweet post! And Happy Birthday to Simon. Now, is that the last of the birthdays for this year?