Thursday, October 09, 2008

Better Than Expected

No, I didn't have my usual intense, all-encompassing, soul searching Day of Atonement. As on Rosh Hashana last week, I was busy much of the time making sure things were running smoothly in child care though I did get a break when my wonderful husband filled in for me so I could attend the entire Kol Nidre service. Both boys fasted this year, as did The Spouse so I didn't feel alone in that. I was proud of my boys who handled the challenge with a fair amount of grace.

While I was not exactly a model of mindful prayer, what I did manage was to connect with a number of people I hadn't seen in too long and our conversations about life, death, kids, grief, knitting, and monsters under the bed made for an intense an memorable day, even if it was outside the prayer book. I am very grateful that I feel so connected to so many people in this very special community.

Also, no doubt about it, a 25 hour fast is a small price to pay for two nights off work, a family dinner, and a cozy night in front of the fire. My self-imposed hunger was manageable because I knew it would come to a predictable end. I am very mindful of those without that luxury on this chilly autumn night. Should you feel motivated, the Oregon Food Bank always welcomes donations.


Betsy said...

Alex didn't attend services this year (took too much time away from school with the Israel trip) but still insisted on fasting the entire 24 hours.

Zoe was mad that I wouldn't **let her** fast as well - but she was heading back to school after the children's service & I just didn't think that'd be a good idea for her teacher/aftercare people...

Anonymous said...

did you make it to hillsboro? - Abigail