Monday, June 16, 2008

Mosaic Monday--The Bar Mitzvah Edition

So we had a bar mitzvah. What can I say? It was delightful. After a little tiny mini freakout as the guests started arriving, MonkeyBoy (or should I switch to MonkeyMan?) collected himself and did an absolutely fabulous job. With the best ever bar mitzvah tutor at his side, he helped lead prayers and songs, read his 12 verse Torah portion flawlessly, and delivered a drash (an interpretation of his Torah reading) that was clear and well-received. Best of all, he had a wonderful time and enjoyed being king for the day.

My Torah reading went so smoothly that I might just step up to read a bit more often. That was mostly due to MonkeyBoy's help which shows just how much he's learned. I gave up on the DPS. I knew I wouldn't be able to say what I needed to say without crying, so what was the point? What MonkeyBoy knows is that he is loved, not only by his family, but by a whole community of friends and family who came to support him on a very special day.

None of this could have come together as smoothly as it did without all the hard work of many, many friends and family members who helped with food, flowers, photos, set-up, delivery, and a hundred different things that needed to be done. Our guests were generous in their support of MonkeyBoy's mitzvah project and the kids at Kateri Park will now be well supplied with pencils, notebooks, and other school supplies for the foreseeable future. Anything I asked for I got from so many people I hardly know how to start thanking everyone. An event like this makes me realize how very lucky I am to be part of a warm, caring Jewish community and an even wider community of friends who came from near and far to be with us.


beth h said...

Speaking of donations for Kateri park, I have a donation but didn't want to mess with money on Shabbat. How to get it to you so it can go to the right place?

p.s. The service was a blast and Jonah is my new rock star.

Love, B

Ali said...

I can't speak for the entire community of friends, but every member of this particular family felt so fortunate to be included. Thank you!

Mimi said...

Congratulations and Many Years!

ElizO said...

This was such a wonderful event! MonkeyBoy was so poised and looked so grown up and confident. His drash was thoughtful and funny and lovely.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both! The photos are wonderful--it looks like a beautiful ceremony. I'm so glad to hear everything went so well.