Thursday, November 15, 2007

Temporarily Out of Commission

Mr. Graves has come for a visit and I am not in great shape. I started feeling light-headed a few days ago and am now having heart palpitations and breathing trouble. I went to the doctor this morning, sure it was pneumonia, but my lungs are clear. The Doc is pretty sure my thyroid is going wacko again and will adjust meds once the lab results are in. Meanwhile, I have a new herbal tincture to support my heart. I'm to rest until my breathing returns to normal. Normally this would be hard for me but since I get all wheezy even talking, walking around much is pretty much out for a while.

At least my hair isn't falling out. Yet. And I am lucky to have a most wonderful husband who will take good care of all of us.


Colleen said...

Oh no! Not so helpful right now, eh? Does it follow your stress? If you need to send a kid down for a while, we'd love to have him...Love to and from all.

shula said...

Oh, the lovely Mr Graves. He must have come straight from my house to yours.

I have two words for you.

Shoulder stands. Get the heart above the head (not while it's palpitating, though). I find breathing exercises to be helpful, too, to bring the heart rate down.

I had a palpitation in the supermarket last week. Had to sit with the check out girl for 5 minutes. I'm sure they thought I was a drug addict. So embarrassing.

Have you ever tried yoga?

Elizabeth said...

Oh man...that's bad news. If there's anything I can do....of course, I'm leaving town tomorrow....

catherine said...

Dannnng, that's dreadful dear Melisa!

In Shula fashion, I have two words for you: no caffeine. Obviously it's not causing this but it will likely make the palitations worse.

What can I do for you? Let me know. Big hug!