Monday, September 24, 2007

Sensitivity...or lack thereof

This morning when I read the daily email from the high school principal I began sputtering indignantly. It seems that this school, which is sorely lacking in extracurricular activities outside performing arts and sports, does have some sort of Christian Club who are asking everyone to join them for a "non-denominational morning of prayer and worship for our school, school district, community, city, nation and world". First of all, I don't like people praying for me and my family if I haven't asked for it, especially if it means praying that I find Jesus. Second of all, hello? It's a public school--what's up with praying around the flagpole? This just drives me crazy. I'm not very kind, am I?

This evening was the first class of fall term. I have a great group of kids who are bright and respectful and mostly quite charming. I was doing my usual first night of the term routine in which I try to act far more enthusiastic and energetic than I really am in the hopes of catching their interest and getting them to come back for day 2. I was working up quite a thirst and took frequent sips from my lovely new water bottle and at one point I noticed one boy looking anxiously at his watch and out the window. And then it dawned on me--I'd been merrily swigging away in front of a young man who'd had nothing to eat or drink since sunrise. I'd forgotten that we Jews aren't the only ones having major festivals these days and Ramadan is once again underway having started on Rosh Hashana. Just a wee bit insensitive, no?

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Elizabeth said...

Ooh! Pretty water bottle. Did you have it with you today? I didn't see it.

Well, sorry, but you're out of luck on the praying for you thing. Jews don't pray for the world? Even Orthodox Christians, who are by and large exceedingly un-evangelistic, do pray for the whole world and everyone in it. I put someone of a different religious bent praying for me as "can't hurt, could help" category. Is praying that you'll find Jesus going to make you more likely to do so? But an announcement from the school that there will be a Christian prayer? No, that's offensive, and you should absolutely call them on it. It's illegal, too...

Ah, but I got a lovely comment on my blog, apparently from someone from my parish. Are Jews this hateful or is it just us "loving" Christians? The one she deleted was 10 times worse than the one she left.