Monday, July 23, 2007

Another Birthday

Summer is non-stop birthday fun in our family. Today we celebrate The Dark Lord who's now (gulp!) 14 years old. Sometimes I can't believe how the time has flown since he looked like this:
but other times it seems as if he's always been with us. Yes, he's gotten taller but it's amazing to me how much of the baby is still there if I look. The same fixed, calm gaze and the sweet mouth. He was never a risk-taker and never hysterical and he remains sensible, thoughtful, and calm to this day, but with a silly side that can pull us all into his goofiness.
I remember being 14 and even though I become exasperated with him, he's handling it all with far better sense than I did.

Motherhood has been acutely on my mind recently and he's the boy who made me a mother, the child on which I tried out my first attempts at parenting, the guinea pig, really. His siblings have him to thank for whatever refinements his father and I have developed at his expense.

I feel light years away from that hospital room where I labored, completely overwhelmed with the intensity of bringing him into the world. I had no idea what was waiting for me as I crossed from where I was before kids to where I live now. Parenting is such an all consuming place that I have very little perspective, but from what I can tell, things look good for this child of mine. He is bright and creative and I am enjoying watching him spread his wings. Happy birthday, my sweet boy. May this year bring you only good things as you grow into your strength and find your way in the world.


shula said...

The Dark Lord.

That's fantastic.

I cacked myself.

Do you still call him that?

Lynn said...

Omigod, that baby picture is priceless. He still looks EXACTLY THE SAME! Happy birthday, Dark Lord!

Betsy said...

What a beautiful post, and yes- that baby photo is uncanny.

As we head into Year Fifteen together, I wish you much fortitude and patience. (It's the same wish I have for myself, of course...)

Happiest of birthdays to the DL!

beth h said...

Yeah, he looks pretty unflappable in both photos. Amazing. Birthy Hapday!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to The Dark Lord, and happy birthday to you too, mom! What an accomplishment, to get him this far.